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Lillian And Her Safe Space w/Mileena By Ashion :iconaxbunny:AxBunny 36 7
Diaper Powder
“We’re lost.”
“I’m telling you, we need to stay on this road!”
“What road? Do you see any road in this weather? We could be anywhere!”
Nick clicked the windshield wipers again to make sure that they were going as fast as they could. It didn’t make a difference. The blizzard was whiteout conditions, we could barely see five feet around the car. It had been me and my friends’ stupid idea to chance the storm and try to get to the hotel on time, despite the news warnings to stay off the roads. It was safe to say all five of us were regretting that choice.
To make matters worse, we were driving through the mountains, or at least we thought we were. Either way, between the storm and our location, our cell phones had no signal so we had no way to call for help. Nick was slowly inching the car forwards in hopes that eventually we’d hit a tunnel or something. Abruptly we can to a dead stop. Nick pressed harder on the gas. There w
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 335 89
The Invasion
It seemed like only yesterday that Lizzy had had a normal life. She had been a normal high schooler with decent grades, a group of friends, and a spot on the school basketball team. All that had gone out the window a month ago when suddenly mysterious brain parasites from outer space infected everyone on Earth and began eating their brains.
It all happened so fast, people went to scientists for help and discovered that all the scientists had been turned into drooling, pooping idiots. So they went to their politicians and found that they were also on the floor, big, fat dummies. And then before anyone knew it, everyone else began to join them. Some people took only a couple hours to have their brains eaten, others managed to last a week or two but soon almost everyone on Earth had been turned into diapered idiots.
The few survivors like Lizzy had been given the job of taking care of the idiots, changing their diapers and feeding them. They had been infected with the worms too and warned
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 49 6
The Werebabies
“Werebabies are an ancient and secret tribe that originated in the far east. By day, they look like normal humans, going about their daily lives. But every night, as soon as the moon rises, they morph into their true forms, people with glowing diapers and sun dresses and pigtails, sucking on pacifiers.
“Usually they’re harmless and playful, but on the night of the full moon, they are gripped with a need to make more werebabies. They hunt in the night, searching for their next victim, to make them a member of their pack. They’ll sneak up on you in your sleep, when suddenly they’ll press their diaper against your face and you wake up just as they poop their diaper. You try to escape, but it’s too late because as you smell the awful mess, it turns you from a normal human into a werebaby, forever cursed to wear thick, bulbous diapers every night…”
“Izzy.” May interrupted loudly “You know that the point of a scary story, is
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 158 27
Mature content
The Diaper Moon (Part 1) :icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 124 8
Mature content
The Diaper Moon (Part 2) :icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 91 12
Mature content
Peko's Relaxing Time :iconmarioman11:Marioman11 17 13
Diaper Circus
“Ahh, the circus!” Lucy sighed, walking lazily in between stalls with Wendy “Nice that we got a day off.”
“Yep!” Wendy agreed “I just hope that the others don’t get us into too much trouble. Those games don’t stand a chance against Erza!”
“Hey you two!”
The girls looked over to a nearby tent where a girl clown was gesturing for them to come inside. Lucy looked at Wendy and shrugged. They walked inside.
“Want to play a game to win a prize? It’s free!” *Giggle* The clown girl giggled
“What’s the game?” Wendy asked
“It’s simple.” The clown girl giggled. She gestured at some stools surrounding a table with pies on it “You just need to finish a pie before the time runs out!”
“Oh, okay.” Lucy said. That seemed pretty easy, the pies were only a couple inches. They could get free food and a prize at the same time!
“Sure.” Wendy shrugg
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 160 11


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